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Currently I've got just a few links to some really good Sandra Bullock sites. I'll be adding more links to this page in the future. So keep coming back.

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Sandra Bullock Web sites

The Original Sandra Bullock Site: Who cares whether it is original or not but these guys have got lots of pictures of dear Sandra

Sandra Bullock Public Info Web Page: Lots and lots and lots of things about Sandra Bullock. I guess they know more about her than Sandra herself.
Info Center: Does Sandra have a boyfriend? Get the answer to this question and many more at this site which is a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) site.
DSTEXMEX'S Home Page for Sandra Bulllock
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U.K Sandra Bullock Graphics Resource: As the name suggests, it has lots of pics of Sandra. This site even has a Sandra Bullock Theme and a Screen Saver.
Craigar's Sandra Bullock Page: Some good Sandra pics on this site. It also has some sound clips, video clips from a few of her movies and her biography.
Sandra Bullock Theme for Windows 95: This site has two versions one in English and the other in Portuguese. This link takes you to the English version. You can download the Sandra Bullock theme for Windows 95 from this site. You need to have Ms Plus for Windows 95 installed on your computer. You'll also need Winzip to extract the zip file. If you don't have Winzip, don't worry coz it is downloadable from this site.


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