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 The latest Cricket news of all the matches being played anywhere in the world. The latest scores of all the international and domestic matches and other cricket related news. Web sites on your cricket heroes and other sites on cricket. Lots of pictures, stats and personal details. Go and find 'em. The most exciting computer games on cricket. Some are downloadable

Cricket News

  1. Cricinfo: The mother of all cricket sites. The latest news, info stats and ball-by-ball coverage of live matches.
  2. Jagged Internetworks: Live scores and audio and video of matches.
  3. Cricket World: An online Cricket Magazine.
  4. Cricket- 24 hours a day

Web Sites
Shane Warne Page: The best page on Shane Warne that I've seen after lots of surfing. You'll find lots of news about Warney here. There seems to be only one good Shane Warne site on the whole Internet and this seems to be it. Like all the rivers flow into the ocean so do all the links point to this site. Good work Mr. Palmer, keep it up.
Baggy Green
The Mark Waugh Page
The Steve and Mark Waugh Page
Coopers and Lybrands Ratings: Who's the best cricketer? Find out if your hero is or isn't.
The Official Site for Cricket Max: Cricket Max is a new version of the game quite popular in New Zealand and Australia. The new rules include an area on either ends of the ground called the Max Zone where the runs are doubled if the ball lands in the zone. If you score a six thru the Max zone you in fact get 12 runs. Let me not confuse you any further. Find out for yourself.

The Laws of Cricket: No this isn't a page on Stuart Law or on his family. This site explains the Laws and Rules of the game. You may be a great fan of cricket and may have followed it for a long time but I bet you didn't know all the laws of cricket. I'm sure you didn't know of the rule where a batsmen can be timed out if he doesn't take his place at the crease within a specified time.

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Computer Games

  1. Shane Warne's Cricket
  2. Brian Lara's Cricket '96
  3. World Cup Cricket '96

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