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Introducing the George Michael Message Board specially for GM fans to post their questions, views, ideas or just about anything. So come on, GM fans, come together, share your views and help each other.
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Links to other George Michael Websites with a variety of stuff on GM GM photos available for download Sound files of George Michael's hits. Play them directly or download them Lyrics of Gm's and Wham's Songs Send electronic Greeting cards to your friends with GM's pic and his hit songs as background music.

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George Michael Web sites
The Official George Michael Website
2.UKMIX - Sites - George Michael
George Michael links at UKMIX, the UK's largest directory of music site
3.George Michael...the man and his music
George Michael...the man, the music and a few links
4. The George Michael Vault
This page contains articles, information and news on George Michael and his music Stories from BARE
5. G-Michael.Com -George Michael-
A great George Michael site. What all kind of things on it!
6. George Michael Info Page
Welcome to the George Michael Info page where you'll find all the latest news about George Michael, order rare CD's and have a look at the music history of this great singer
7. George Michael Fan Page
george michael Fan Page: Information about george michael
8. George Michael's place in Lady Bright's heart
More than 200 pictures can be found at this fabulous place
Largest privately operated George Michael fan club in the world
10. Star Seeker Musicians & Bands: George Michael
Pop recording artist
11. Unsocial Mix - George Michael
The Unsocial Mix pages have up to date news on George Michael, some magazine articles, fan poetry and lots of George Michael links, as well as the #gm IRC channel homepage.
12. George Michael Shopping Arcade
Fantastic WHAM! Bad Boys A Ray Of Sunshine Love Machine Wham Rap A Ray Of Sunshine (Instrumental Remix) Love Machine (Instrumental Remix) Club Tropicana Nothing Looks The Same In The Light Come On!
13. George Michael - links
14. YOGMÆL - The Unofficial George Michael Mailing List
The mailing list formerly known as YOGMAIL, which is also known as The Unofficial George Michael Mailing List!
15. MIDI Haven - George Michael
MIDI Haven, George Michael, MIDI Files, Entertainment, Music, Featured Sequence
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George Michael Photos (Click the pics to view a larger image)
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George Michael Midi Files
One more try Play now Download
Too Funky Play Now Download
Careless Whispers Play Now Download
Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me Play Now Download
Faith Play Now Download
Father Figure Play Now Download
Freedom 90 Play Now Download
Jesus To a Child Play Now Download
Last Christmas Play Now Download
Wake Me Up Before U Go-Go Play Now Download

Download all the songs in a single zip file

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