Hi there, if you are looking for some good clean fun you have reached the right place.This site is dedicated to George Michael and Sandra Bullock fans.Cricket lovers, there are lots of links to follow coz I am as crazy a cricket fan as any. This site has got lots to offer you from multimedia clips to jokes and music. Wanna be my pen-pal? I am all yours so e-mail me at hithere@goldie.iwarp.com


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Lyrics of George Michael, web sites on George Michael with more info and pics. Buy George Michael CDs and cassettes.

Links to Sandra Bullock sites with her FAQ, Desktop Themes, filmography. Buy Sandra Bullock's Movies here.....

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Cricket Resources Electronic Greeting Cards

Fan sites, Cricket News sites, sites which give information on cricket, cricket computer games.

Send electronic greeting cards to your friends and loved ones. Choose from a variety

of pics, cartoons, scenes. Send cards with pics of George Michael and Sandra Bullock. Lots of background music to choose from
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Web site Gallery Graffiti
A showcase of the websites I've designed as a professional web designer. Hilarious, mind blowing graffiti that will keep u rolling with laughter for hours. I appreciate the wit of the folks who thought of such good stuff.....
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Multimedia Clips Guitar Music

Cool multimedia clips ...check out the one where a monkey's face morphs into a smiling boy.


Some pieces of music that I played on my acoustic guitar. Mostly tunes of the Beatles and Wet Wet Wet.
  Jokes Aamir Khan site
Good clean jokes for u to enjoy. If u want dirty jokes please send me an email mentioning your age, nationality, sex and that u r not offended by dirty jokes . Visit this website designed by my friend Nisha, dedicated to Aamir Khan
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